We make ultrasoft cashmere for creatives, misfits and troublemakers. 



The worlds finest fabrics often find themselves cut into a limited palette of clothing, designed for a very specific customer. Formal, traditional suits, huge mark-up’s and tacky branding is the order of the day.

This isn’t us, and it’s not what we want. We want clothes that we wear for ourselves, not for other people. Private luxury and personal comfort. Relaxed, unpretentious clothing for the young and ambitious. Savile Row grade materials, liberated from tradition and cut for modern living. Made from the softest, finest, lightest most beautiful natural fibres and fabrics in the world.


Our materials are carefully selected to provide the best balance of softness, warmth, weight and durability. We primarily use ultra-fine merino wool and cashmere for their incredible natural performance properties. 

It’s taken millennia for nature to develop the fleece that keeps sheep and cashmere goats warm and comfortable in their natural habitat. Insulating, soft, warm when wet and naturally anti-bacterial, fine wool is far superior to any synthetic material for keeping you comfortable and at your best. 



We design and manufacture our products in London, England.

Keeping everything in-house allows us complete control over our product, material quality, and design. Having in-house manufacturing allows us to stay agile and avoid the overstocking and inventory problems of traditional brands who don’t make their own product. We make limited runs of selected products, and we don’t go on sale. 

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