Cashmere Scarf

The softest, most comfortable scarf you’ll ever own, this 100% cashmere piece is warm, light, stretchy and breathable. The perfect travel companion, it stays fresh for longer and keeps you warm and relaxed for those early mornings, late nights and long flights.  



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Hand wash or dry clean
Lie flat to dry
Do not tumble dry

100% Cashmere
15 micron fibre
200 Weight
Made in England

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Breathable warmth

Cashmere is up to three times warmer than sheep’s wool, and more breathable than synthetic fibres. Our soft, lofty cashmere traps air that your body heats up, keeping you warm. 

Once the body produces more heat than the fabric can hold onto, the breathability and structure of the knit allows vapour to escape, keeping you comfortable. When you move faster, air flows quicker through the open knit, keeping your temperature balanced even when your body’s working harder. 


Bramble Cashmere


Average fibre length
for longer wear.

3x warmer

Up to three times warmer
than sheep’s wool.

15 micron

Ultrafine average fibre
diameter for softness.

200 weight

Our midweight range for
mild to cool conditions.



Softest and Lightest

Our fabric is made from 100% Grade-A, Inner Mongolian cashmere. It’s gathered by brushing the loose fibres from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats living on the high-altitude Inner-Mongolian grasslands.

Grade-A marks only the longest, finest cashmere fibres. An average length of 35mm and an ultrafine 15 micron diameter mean that our products are incredibly soft and last longer than cheap mass-market equivalents. 

Our fibre is expertly spun into yarn at an old factory deep in the heart of England. The region has been home to makers of the finest wool and cashmere fabrics since the industrial revolution. They combine over 200 years expertise and a pure water supply to make one of the worlds finest cashmere yarns. 


Designed and made in
the United Kingdom


Free shipping in the U.K.


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